Bead Groups

Beads and Biscuits at Halfpenney’s

A warm welcome waits for visitors to The Beading Room. If you want to come and shop just give us a ring first (01254 236049) to make sure we will be in.

If you join one of our bead groups, or come to one of our workshops you will also enjoy your tea or coffee served in one of our unique mugs, and the biscuits are nearly always home-made!

Never beaded before, or already addicted? Then why not join us soon. Alternatively, I can tailor a workshop to suit your needs, 1:1 or for your group. Just get in touch to see what we can offer.

For more information about the bead groups or to check the next meeting date ring Kathryn on 01254 236049 or email

Our bead groups

Tuesday afternoon 1.30 – 4.00pm
Tuesday evening 7.00 – 9.30pm
Wednesday evening 7.00 – 9.30pm

We run 3 bead groups, all of which are on the 1st and 3rd day of each month. These are informal groups where you can bring your own beads and things or you can buy some of ours!

We take inspiration from each other and from the large display of samples and worked pieces there are around.

We help each other to learn new stitches or colour-match beads. Sometimes we all have a go at the same stitch. It’s all very flexible and the most important thing is to have a go and have fun. Below, you can see some of the exhibitions we have done for the Bead Festival at Haydock Park. It’s great fun to make pieces for the shows, and it’s even better to hear what the visitors think! We already have 2 very popular kits that resulted from customer feedback on the day.

They are very friendly groups and the amount of beading done does vary from week to week. We have a great time and make new friends. There is a wide range of experience and everyone is willing to help.

New or experienced beaders are welcome to any of our groups. Please contact Kathryn for more details. Email or telephone 01254 236049.

Our projects

2016 – Tassels for National Beading Week

This project started with my design for a 3” beaded scissor fob tassel with the initials NBW on it and all 3 groups embraced the challenge. The tassel making itself was fun and we had lots of different colours to choose from. The challenge then was to decide how to bead and embellish it.

2016 – Travel: Around the World

This was a wide ranging theme and covered everything from driving round London to cruising the oceans! We had so many things to display we needed 2 tables and I couldn’t get everything in to 1 photo! Kathryn stuck with the theme on the drop-in table too – Dutch Spiral and Russian Spiral were on the agenda to have a go at.

2015 – Spring

We had spring flowers and butterflies galore. Our clock had us ‘springing forward’ to the new season and is now on the wall in The Beading Room. The field of sheep was admired and due to popular demand will be produced as a pattern soon. There was so much colour – just what spring is all about! Also displayed was the bunting that Susan Foster designed and beaded for the Beadworkers Guild for National Beading Week – 25th July – 2nd August ( The original one is now with the Guild, so Pat made us another one to keep on display here.

2014 – Cake Creations

There was a wide variety of techniques and ideas used. We had beadwork on cards, beaded cakes inspired by Katie Dean’s book Sweet Treats, knitted cup cakes with beaded decorations, a gingerbread man bookmark and gingerbread man necklace, butterfly and fairy necklaces. A big trend this year was cake pops – and we even had some of those too! Oooh, doesn’t it just make you feel hungry for a sugary treat?

2013 – The Village

Beadem Hall was worked on by all 3 groups to build houses, shops, a pub, church, and even a bus and a car. We had a fantastic display and it was amazing to see how different they all were. It was wonderful to see the finished village. For more photos take a look at Halfpenney’s Face Book page.

2012 – Christmas project

This was another project just for us. My thanks to Elaine Peel for letting us use her instructions for the Christmas Stars.

2012 – Display of beadwork This was predominantly jewellery made by members of the group. We had a superb display showing different stitches.

2011 – Christmas project

Just for us. We had a go at beaded baubles that were all based on the same pattern but using our chosen colours. They were all displayed and we drew lots to choose one to take home. Those who could not bear to be parted from their bauble brought a small gift instead. The Bead Magazine even featured our group after we seeing our photo!

For more information about the bead groups or to check the next meeting date ring Kathryn on 01254 236049 or email

Our workshops

The Beading Room will open 15 minutes before the start time and remain open for 30 minutes after the end of the workshop.

Half-day workshops are 3 hours long and include refreshments.
Full-day workshops are 6 hours long and include refreshments but not lunch.

Your workshop!

Why not let us organise a beading workshop just as you want it. You can choose from a range of projects from our own workshops, pick from one of our kits or I can design a project around a technique you want to learn. Prices will vary depending on venue, numbers and the project chosen, but why not get in touch and see what we can offer.

For more information or to request a project list ring Kathryn on 01254 236049 or email

Your group

Why not hire The Beading Room to host your own bead or craft group. The specially designed room has exceptional lighting, large tables and seating for 12 people. Refreshments can be provided.

For more information about room hire ring Gordon on 01254 236049 or email