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New page layout for bicones

All our bicones can now be viewed by colour or by size. Bicones are Chinese, unless they are specified as Preciosa (made in Czech Republic).

If you view by colour, you can then look at the options to see what sizes we have available.

If you view by size, you will see only the colours that are available in that size, and then you can look at the options to see all the other sizes sizes available too.

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Bead embroidery workshop coming soon

Manda Kent-Burns from The Jacobeadery will be coming to The Beading Room sometime soon to run a workshop for a Hussif.

This sewing case is ideal for holding all your essential items (contents not included in workshop).

We are in the process of sorting out the details, but if you may like to join us, then just drop me an email ( and I will let you in on possible dates so hopefully we can arrange it so you won’t miss out.

Closed – approx. 5.5cm wide and 11cm tall
Insert to hold pins and thread cards
Section to hold embroidery scissors up to 9.5cm long with scissor tag approx. 3.25cm square
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Haydock Park Update

We had a very busy day at the Bead Festival yesterday and the Drop In To Bead Workshop was constantly busy. So much so that I had to hunt out some more supplies – thanks to Beading Amazing, Jencel and Gemstone Boutique for donating beads.

The pattern for our dragonfly is now available to download free of charge from Enjoy!