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A Muse Ink patterns now back in stock

I’m pleased to say that we have received our long-awaited delivery of patterns by Chris Manes and they have now been put back in stock on the website. So yes, Santa’s back!

The last couple of deliveries have incurred extra freight costs and we have had to re-evaluate our pricing. This does mean that patterns on the new delivery are showing at a higher price. Cirque Visage is now £18.95 and the rest are all £15.95.

Patterns we have in stock from previous deliveries will remain at £14.50. There are only a limited number of copies available, so you may have to be quick to get them while at the lower price.

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How could I miss Cleopatra!

When I recently posted about the new additions to the range of Fringe Bead Packs for our A Muse Ink range, I missed telling you about Cleopatra. How could I have missed this iconic design. She is one of the few designs that I have managed to fully frame and I’m really proud of her.

I only had to make a few minor tweaks from the original fringe that many of you will have seen on our stand at bead shows, and it’s now available online. As with all the fringe packs, you will get all the beads and written sequence for this fringe, as well as a close-up photograph. Each pack also includes the construction technique.

Cleopatra Fringe Bead Pack £9.50
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Fringe Packs for 5 more A Muse Ink designs now available

I’ve had a busy March re-creating the fringes for these fabulous designs. Each pack comes with all the beads you need to make the fringe shown in the photograph, together with a list of the beads I used, a specific sequence for the design with close-up photograph and general information on making a fringe.

The Fringe Bead Packs for Marleena and Red Hat Lady Do Not include beads for the boa, but I have explained how I made them. You will just need an extra 20g of Delica beads to make them.

As a user of short beading needles, I found using a long beading needle to get through the 30mm bugles a necessary, but strange experience!

I still have a few more fringes to complete but they are on their way!

If you are looking for any Delica Bead or Fringe Bead Packs – or indeed any of our kits – that are showing as out of stock, please get in touch and I can check if we have the beads in stock to make a pack up for you. Out Of Stock sometimes just means I’ve got behind!

Anyway, these are the latest set of Fringe Packs.

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New bead colours and big reel of Crystal Fireline now in stock

Firstly, Fireline. We were not able to get any of our usual 50 yard reels of Crystal 6lb Fireline, but we were able to get a few larger reels of 125 yards, so these have now been added to the website for you.

Just this 1 new Miyuki size 11 seed bead this time:

Matte Metallic Sage Green Lustre
£6.50 for 25g

There are 4 new Delica size 11 colours too. These are also available By The Gram.

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“Elegant Elements” Clasps now available

I have just added a small selection of Push-Pull Box Clasps to the Findings section. There are not many of each design, so if you like what you see, you had best be quick!

2-strand silver plated clasp 13x17mm
2-strand gold plated clasp 10x16mm
3-strand gold plated clasp 10x19mm

I have also moved a number of clasps and spacer bars to the Clearance Section. Here are just a few of them, but when they are gone, they’re gone.

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Another delivery so soon?

Yes, indeed! As well as a further top-up of Delica beads, there were also 1 new seed bead and 10 – yes 10 – new Delica colours that arrived on Wednesday. There is no room on our boards, so we really need to re-think our display in The Beading Room. Whatever we do, there will need to be expansion room!

This is the size 11 seed bead that sits so nicely next to the Harvest Orange that arrived on Monday.

11HM2041 £3.50 for 25g
Special Dyed Pale Pumpkin

These are the size 11 Delica beads, available also in 1g.

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New Delica colours and a size 11 seed bead

Well, we just couldn’t resist some new colours! We did have more on our list but quite a few were out of stock with our supplier.We are hoping some more may arrive in the next couple of weeks on our next delivery.

These are the 4 new Delica colours – available in 10g or By the Gram.

DB2129 £5.25 for 10g
Duracoat Opaque Moody Blue
DB2283 £5.25 for 10g
Frost Opaque Glazed yellow
DB2284 £5.25 for 10g
Frost Opaque Glazed Cream
DB2374 £3.50 for 10g
Fancy Lined Siam

We also now have this size 11 seed bead in our range now.

11HM2042 £3.50 for 25g
Special Dyed Harvest Orange

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Stem Daffodil Kit – makes 3 flowers

This is my latest design – a beautiful stem daffodil and were specifically designed to fit in the Posy Vase that has, so far, had silk flowers in it!. It’s available as a pattern, kit, or bead pack.

In their new home – Posy Vase by Marlene O’Reilly

The 16-page pattern includes diagrams and photographs and is recommended for beaders with experience of peyote and brick stitch. There are enough beads etc in the kit and bead pack to make 3 flowers,

Pattern (Printed or Downloadable) £10.00

Bead Pack £10.00

Full Kit £18.95

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Bow Scissor Case now available as a kit

I published the pattern for this scissor case last year and, after a customer request, have now created the kit as well. The pattern is for experienced beaders and contains the colour chart and word chart for peyote stitch. This case is about 6cm wide and 10.5cm long and was designed to fit the Fine Scissors on our website (SC-10) that are about 5cm wide and 10.5cm long.

The kits and bead packs are available in 2 colours, blue and purple, but I can customise either for your own colours too. Just email me – – and I’ll check we have the beads in stock.

Pattern £3.95

Bead Pack £10.00

Full kit £12.95