Mardi Gras 1 Pattern


Pattern and Bead Pack are purchased separately.

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Recommended colour and required quantity of Delica size 11 beads for front panel of Mardi Gras 1

HD003 x 207, HD010 x 394, HD22L x 101, HD031 x 605, HD043 x 47, HD105 x 16, HD134 x 44, HD147 x 54, HD148 x 260, HD201 x 490, HD241 x 363, HD242 x 124, HD250 x 100, HD603 x 27, HD610 x 484, HD684 x 9, HD688 x 159

For the back panel of  Mardi Gras 1 you will need 3,300 Delica size 11 beads (approx 19g) in the colour of your choice


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