Beads Up North

Message from Gordon, Emma and Lucy

First of all we’d like to say thank you to each and every one of our loyal traders and customers for your support and enthusiasm for our Beads Up North Festivals.

We’ve been running our events for 12 years now and we’d like to announce that the Festival at the end of September was our last one.

We’ve all thought long and hard about it however Emma and Lucy are very busy with their full time jobs and Gordon would like to start to take things a bit easier so we don’t feel we can continue to run the festivals.

We’ve had a great 12 years, and those of you who remember Tessa, will know we’ve ran these festivals as a family in her memory. We’re sure she’d have been proud that we’ve encouraged lots of people to get beading, especially Up North!

Thanks again for all your support and please keep beading!