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Clear View Organiser Boxes

I’m pleased to say that the storage boxes in our latest delivery are a slightly different specification and we can now offer empty boxes online.

They are the perfect partner for our flip top boxes and you can fit 12 x Size 4 or 24 x Size 3 flip top boxes inside. Many other combinations are workable too.

You can get 1 organiser box for £4.50, or a pack of 4 for just £17.00.

Storage sets and individual flip top boxes are still available. Take a look at our full range here –

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Christmas Crowns – 3 new designs

My next set of Christmas Crowns are now available. They all based on the same blue background so complement each other perfectly and are ideal as covers for an LED tea light, or as napkin rings.

They are available individually as a pattern for £5, or kit for £10.00.

You can also buy the set of 3 different patterns for £13.50, or 3 different kits for £27.00.

NB Kits do not include an LED tea light

Snowflakes Starry Night Snowmen

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Change to appearance of bicones

We are gradually replacing our Chinese bicones with Preciosa ones and over the next few days I will be changing the way that our bicones appear in the shop.

Currently, each colour has a drop down box that tells you which sizes are available. To make it easier for you to see at a glance which sizes are still available in the “Bicones by colour” category, all sizes of each colour will be shown as separate items.

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Halloween Witch Tassel

Say “Hello” to Silvana, Viola and Cinnamon!

My latest design is now available as a pattern to download or you can order a printed copy for the same price of £8.95. Your finished tassel will be about 14 cm (5 1/2 inches) high, excluding hanging loop.

You can get a full kit for £19.95 and extra bead packs are £12.00. Kits and bead packs will be available in the 3 colours shown. There are just a couple of kits at the moment if you’re quick! I am expecting a delivery soon and will update you as soon as I can.

During our isolation, you can still download patterns. Any other orders that need to go to the post office will be sent out on Monday 14th September. Thank you for your understanding.

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Cross stitch (square stitch) and embroidery patterns

I have added a new category to the embroidery clearance section for patterns and books. Some are individual charts, some are books of charts and some are in bundles of different designs. There is a whole range of different techniques including cross stitch, hardanger, silk ribbon embroidery and many more.

I have some hard back books which I’m sure will be of interest, but as they are so much heavier, we cannot include them in our current postage policy. I’m hoping to resolve this with another postage option but I’m afraid this is still work in progress.

And remember beaders, the cross stitch charts can easily be converted to square stitch, and in many cases even herringbone weave.

As is customary in this section, there is over 50% off the usual price, but there is in most cases only 1 copy (or bundle) available, so if you like it you may have to be quick!

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My first scissor case in peyote stitch

I have been planning to do a scissor case for years. Yes, I know, years. Ever since I made the Thread Heaven Box with Bow I wanted to make a partner for it. Sadly Thread Heaven is no longer available in the little boxes, but I still have mine so I’ve done it!

My incentive was our new small scissors. I downloaded a couple of patterns to put my own design to, but after working them up my scissors didn’t fit, so back to square 1. I hadn’t realised they could be so different.

In the end I sized it up and worked it row by row using plain beads then put my design on and re-worked it. Yes, it took several weeks, but I’m really pleased with the result, and it’s now available as a pattern for experienced beaders. So, if you still have your Thread Heaven Box, and haven’t found a pattern that fits your scissors, why not try mine.

I have given you the Delica numbers that I used for 2 different colourways. You can do the same colour both sides, or, like me, do different ones.