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It’s party time for my penguin!

Someone is looking forward to the end of the lockdown, and has his party hat on.

This fun penguin is the latest design in my Christmas hanging decoration range. Kits are £5.95 and include materials to make 3 penguins. Full instructions, with diagrams are provided for working in brick stitch.

Party Penguin is also available to download as a pattern for £2.50 or, if you confident in brick stitch, you can purchase the Chart only for £1.00. You can also order printed patterns or charts for the same price.

Why not get ready to join the party?

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It’s Thumbs up for your postie!

Let’s not forget how much we rely on our postie these days and Royal Mail are asking everyone to put their thumbs up to say thank you.

We are sending out orders every day and I created some stickers that we can put on the parcels . Like a lot of people I’m sure, we are also ordering more online at the moment so, well, I just had to, didn’t I?   Had to what? I hear you ask. Well, bead it of course!

The original says “Your Postie”, but then I thought – well if it’s going in our window it should be “Our Postie”, so I revised the pattern and have now made both available as patterns.

You do need to be experienced with odd count peyote (or brick stitch) as the pattern comprises a colour chart and peyote word map only. There are no instructions for peyote stitch.

Patterns are free to download UNTIL 30th June 2020, after which time they will be £2.

Printed copies are £2 each (our usual postage applies).

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New products for May

Yes, there are still quite a few more beads that we want to add to our range and we are always looking at ways we can best use the space we have. I have just added 5 more Delica colours to the website, 1 x Miyuki size 11 seed bead, 1 x 14mm rivoli by Swarovski and a new colour of 4mm bicones by Preciosa.

We are slowly moving all of our bicones to the Preciosa range as we can get them re-stocked more quickly.

The Delica colours have also been added to our latest category – Delica Beads by the Gram.

Happy beading

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OOOPS! Rainbow Panel Brooch Pattern Error

I’ve just been told that there is a slight error with the Rainbow Panel Brooch in Peyote Stitch pattern. The colour chart and word map are fine. It’s just the coloured squares at the top of page 1 against the materials list. Here’s a photo of the wrong one with the right one. The pattern has been replaced online, so if you want to download another one you can.

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Delica beads by the gram

I’m thrilled to say that you can now buy your Delica size 11 beads by the gram directly from our website – you no longer need to wait for a quote. We have been planning this enhancement to the site for a while and I hope that it will encourage many of you to now try those larger pieces that take just a few beads of lots of colours.

According to Miyuki there are about 200 size 11 Delica beads per gram. However, the quantity can vary depending on the finish of the beads and can be between 180-200.

The quantity ordered of each colour will be weighed and bagged before being labelled with the DB number and weight supplied. As these packs will be weighed to order, they may take a little longer to send out during busy periods, but in the majority of cases we expect to still be able to dispatch your orders on the next working day at the latest.

This service is available for all the Delica size 11 beads in our main range and excludes any reduced price and clearance colours and sizes.

Happy days, and happy beading.

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Comments on products

We have been inundated over the last few weeks with spam comments on many different products, which are trying to get me to click on links to medicine websites. This takes a lot of time to sort through to make sure I don’t miss anything genuine.

If you want to leave a comment in future, you will need to be a registered user and be logged in. I am hopeful that this will resolve the issue.

As always, you are welcome to email with any comments, questions or feedback on any of our products.

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Clap for Carers – 2nd Rainbow Brooch now available

For experienced beaders – available as chart to download for free, or buy printed copy for £2.
Materials pack also available (excludes pattern) £9.00
(Our usual postage charges apply)
You can buy your chart or materials pack here

Full pattern is not currently available for new beaders.

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Clap for Carers – Rainbow Brooch Chart now available

For experienced beaders – available as chart to download for free, or buy printed copy for £1.
Materials pack also available (excludes pattern) £6.00
(Our usual postage charges apply)
You can buy your chart or materials pack here

If you follow our Facebook page, you will have seen the rainbow box I made for my daughter-in-law a week or so ago. She’s a nurse and I made the 3D figure by Thread A Bead, but I wanted a way to gift it that she could treasure, so I designed this box.

Since then, I have been working on a way to use the rainbow in a wearable form and this brooch is the first to be finished. I used Miyuki Delica beads and worked it in brick stitch. It could be worked in peyote if you’re a whizz with increases and decreases, although I am also still working on a peyote version. There has been a lot of experimenting with different colour combinations and cloud sizes!

Full pattern is not currently not available for new beaders.

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Updated colour descriptions – Delica size 11

All beaders will know that defining a bead colour is not always easy. Miyuki provide each colour with a number, and it is the importers who then define the name. We use the colour name and photograph provided by our supplier when adding them to our website.

The search function on each page of the shop will allow you to search, say “Blue”, and where this is in the description, then those products will come up.

You can enter DB into the search as well as the colour – so “DB BLUE” will only bring up blue Delica 11 beads. In the same way, entering “8HM Blue” will bring up just the size 8 seed beads in blue.

What is not so easy is if the name given is, say “Teal”, which would not appear in a search for “Blue” beads.

So, to make your search better, I have added a Colour Family to each Delica where there is not a general colour already. So, for example, teal beads will have been given the colour families of “Blue” and “Green”. Topaz may be “Orange” or “Brown” or even both, depending on its actual shade.

These are the Colour Family names I have used. Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown, Cream, and of course Black and White. In addition, crystal can be searched, as well as the metallic colours of gold, silver, copper and bronze.

I hope that my choices help you when trying to choose your Delica beads and I will undertake the same task for all our beads over time.