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How organised is your bead board?

Well, until recently, mine was full of sticky labels showing me which beads were which. They were good up to a point but they didn’t keep their stickiness for long.

Then I discovered alphabet beads and pinned those on instead.

As is the case with evolution I decided to spruce them up a bit with some crystals and glue them in place. Problem solved!

I needed more than 1 set but only had 1 W in the bag. I couldn’t find what I needed online so I had to buy a full bag of mixed letters. What to do with all the rest? So in the stash they went.

Then I thought, if I love these so much then wouldn’t it be great to share the idea with everyone else . So I bought some more bags and with a lot of sorting out I was soon able to make up more sets. Now they are available for you to buy from the Accessory page of our shop (or just search for pins), and each set comes in a hand-made box so it makes an ideal gift.

I just love beading, don’t you?

Alphabet pins available in White or Pastel Colours