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Updated colour descriptions – Delica size 11

All beaders will know that defining a bead colour is not always easy. Miyuki provide each colour with a number, and it is the importers who then define the name. We use the colour name and photograph provided by our supplier when adding them to our website.

The search function on each page of the shop will allow you to search, say “Blue”, and where this is in the description, then those products will come up.

You can enter DB into the search as well as the colour – so “DB BLUE” will only bring up blue Delica 11 beads. In the same way, entering “8HM Blue” will bring up just the size 8 seed beads in blue.

What is not so easy is if the name given is, say “Teal”, which would not appear in a search for “Blue” beads.

So, to make your search better, I have added a Colour Family to each Delica where there is not a general colour already. So, for example, teal beads will have been given the colour families of “Blue” and “Green”. Topaz may be “Orange” or “Brown” or even both, depending on its actual shade.

These are the Colour Family names I have used. Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown, Cream, and of course Black and White. In addition, crystal can be searched, as well as the metallic colours of gold, silver, copper and bronze.

I hope that my choices help you when trying to choose your Delica beads and I will undertake the same task for all our beads over time.