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It’s Thumbs up for your postie!

Let’s not forget how much we rely on our postie these days and Royal Mail are asking everyone to put their thumbs up to say thank you.

We are sending out orders every day and I created some stickers that we can put on the parcels . Like a lot of people I’m sure, we are also ordering more online at the moment so, well, I just had to, didn’t I?   Had to what? I hear you ask. Well, bead it of course!

The original says “Your Postie”, but then I thought – well if it’s going in our window it should be “Our Postie”, so I revised the pattern and have now made both available as patterns.

You do need to be experienced with odd count peyote (or brick stitch) as the pattern comprises a colour chart and peyote word map only. There are no instructions for peyote stitch.

Patterns are free to download UNTIL 30th June 2020, after which time they will be £2.

Printed copies are £2 each (our usual postage applies).