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Colour descriptions for seed beads

I have completed the colour family update for the size 6, 8, 11 and 15 seed beads. You may remember that I completed the Delica beads a little while ago.

Where the colour name is something like turquoise, rose, or seafoam for example, then a search by colour may not have found them. I have added a colour family to the description, so that searches will find them. So, for example if you now put blue in the search, then turquoise beads will also be found, and a search for pink will find rose ones.

I hope that you find this a useful feature when you are looking for beads by colour.

You may also notice an alternative reference that I have included in the description. Some of you may recognise this number and it is the number given by our wholesaler and may help with global searches by reference number.