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My first scissor case in peyote stitch

I have been planning to do a scissor case for years. Yes, I know, years. Ever since I made the Thread Heaven Box with Bow I wanted to make a partner for it. Sadly Thread Heaven is no longer available in the little boxes, but I still have mine so I’ve done it!

My incentive was our new small scissors. I downloaded a couple of patterns to put my own design to, but after working them up my scissors didn’t fit, so back to square 1. I hadn’t realised they could be so different.

In the end I sized it up and worked it row by row using plain beads then put my design on and re-worked it. Yes, it took several weeks, but I’m really pleased with the result, and it’s now available as a pattern for experienced beaders. So, if you still have your Thread Heaven Box, and haven’t found a pattern that fits your scissors, why not try mine.

I have given you the Delica numbers that I used for 2 different colourways. You can do the same colour both sides, or, like me, do different ones.