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A Muse Ink Fringe Packs back in stock

Ever since I started making the fringe packs available a couple of years ago, I always ensure that my photographs reflect the beads I used in the samples, and are the same in the bead packs so that you know exactly what you will make.

It’s not always an easy task and I am having difficulty sourcing some of the beads used in Gaia, Karneval and Santa. Rest assured that I’m working to re-design these fringes with beads I can get more easily, and will make up new samples as soon as the beads arrive.

I’ll keep you posted.

I have got Gordon weighing beads for the missing Delica Bead Packs. If we have all the Delica beads in stock, they will be available early next week, so I will update you as soon as they are back in stock.