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Project Boxes are good to go!

Previously only available for collection, I’m pleased to say that these fabulous boxes are now online too!

I have a number of A4 Slim Boxes in my craft cupboard with paper and card inside and have used them for years. A couple of years ago I started using them for beading and have a nice little stack on the shelf with all my part-way-through projects in.

As they are A4, my patterns fit neatly inside and the Slim ones are still deep enough for all the flip top boxes full of beads and tools I need. Nymo and Fireline fit beautifully. Standard bead mats are cut to fit which also means it’s a complete project in a box to go anywhere, anytime (when we can that is). If you are making tassels, they are deep enough for Gutermann reels and Clover Tassel Makers.

You can bead in the box, but if the edges get in your way, then it’s simple to take your bead mat out and put the box on one side until you’re ready to put it all away again.

They are a dream for organisation.

Each A4 Slim Tuff Box by Tiger Stationery contains: Bead Mat – hand-cut to size (colours vary), Set of Alphabet Letter Beads (bead and tassel colours vary), Pack of 2 Beading Needles (By John James – Short 10), Pair of scissors 10cm (4″) (our code SC-10)

ADDED BONUS: You will receive a single-use discount code to receive 10% off your next order with us.

Project Box features: Light and portable. Transparent for viewing contents when closed. Opens out flat. Snap-lock fastenings. Strong polypropylene hinges.

A4 Slim Project Box £9.95