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Helping Hand Guides to A Muse Ink Patterns

If you are new to peyote panels and our A Muse Ink range, there are now 4 Helping Hand Guides available. They are free to download, or you can request a printed copy for just £1.50 each to cover the cost of printing.

Mardi Gras, by A Muse Ink

Guide No 1 – Helps you to understand the colour chart and gives you some tips to identify the colours and make beading easier.

Guide No 2 – Helps you start beading and explains how to work the chart and decrease to a point. You should be familiar with odd count or even count peyote first though, and I have a separate guide for this.

Guide No 3 – This is for help making a bag and, rather than working in tubular peyote, you worked the front and back separately.

Guide No 4 – This guide suggests useful beads for making a fringe, and explains how to go about it once you have your beads.

Obviously these guides are not just for A Muse Ink patterns – they will be equally usefully for any peyote panel.