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Fringe Bead Packs for Chris Manes’ Designs on their way

Following a specific customer request, I got to work on doing the fringes that I have been promising myself I would do for quite a while now. So, the first 4 fringe bead packs are now available. I have used the original design as a guide and re-created them as closely as possible with beads that we have available. I will let you now when other designs become available.

Prices vary depending on which beads are required. Patterns and Delica Bead Packs are still available separately for all designs that we stock.

The first 4 are:

Pyra Fringe Bead Pack ££8.95
Mardi Gras Fringe Bead Pack £10.00
Hydra Fringe Bead Pack £8.50
Midnight Mystique Fringe Bead Pack £10.95